About our Lessons

Small Group and One-to-One Peripatetic Lessons


Group or individual lessons in guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, vocals and ukulele.

Our lessons are usually 20 or 30 minutes in duration. 

We offer lessons in groups of (maximum four) learners or on a one-to-one basis (drum and bass guitar lessons are ONLY offered one-to-one). 

Our music lessons are based on popular contemporay music. Our method is one of positive encouragement to promote both instrument skills and self-confidence. While we do offer pupils the chance to study towards Rock School graded examinations our main focus will be on learning the skills to perform popular music in our annual live events

Where appropriate, we bring instruments into school for pupil use, such as electronic drum kit and guitars. 

There is no additional cost for use of our equipment during lesson times.

Where required we can run our lesson in conjunction with the school timetables to ensure minimum impact on academic lessons.

It is our aim to minimise our burden on partner school’s resources by taking care of the administration and invoicing of parents directly.

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