Terms & Conditions

                    Terms & Conditions for Junior Academy of Music School Lessons 

Junior Academy of Music reserve the right to amend or alter our terms of trading, as detailed below, at any time without notice. The latest version will be posted on the website.

By returning a signed & completed music lesson request slip to us or by using our online booking form, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms of trading. You also agree to pay the amount detailed by our invoices at regular intervals, in exchange for music tuition as requested.

Invoices will be sent half-termly prior to the new term starting and will state clearly the due date for payment. Invoices must be paid in full by this date. We reserve the right to refuse to teach children if any payment is owed.

Refunds are at the discretion of the management and only given for lessons cancelled due to staff absence and not for pupil absence because of sickness or holiday.

The type of instruments taught, lesson duration availability and costs will be detailed in our Junior Academy of Music lesson request letter which is normally available from school offices and also in our online booking form. 

Drum and Bass lessons are only available as individual lessons.

We cannot guarantee a place will be available for all pupil applications. In this instance you may be given the option of being added to a waiting list.


While Junior Academy of Music lessons are available in many local schools, we cannot guarantee to be able to provide lessons at any specific school. Please enquire availability via email.

Our music lessons are normally taught during school hours by arrangement with school management. We endeavour to vary our lesson timetables whenever possible to minimize impact on academic lessons.

Our lessons are provided under a continuous and open-ended arrangement. If you wish to cancel you must inform us either by telephone or text (07789 566335) or email (email@junioracademyofmusic.co.uk) before the cancellation date shown on the invoice. 

We cannot accept cancellation from anyone except a parent or guardian of the child. If the child stops attending lessons they will be marked absent but any outstanding invoices are still due for payment until such cancellation is received by us.

Our music lessons are delivered in good faith and much of our teaching is based on popular contemporary music. Our method is one of positive encouragement to promote both instrument skills and self-confidence. Progress will be greatly enhanced if a regular practice programme is followed in addition to our lessons. As this is dependent on each individual learner, we are unable to guarantee specific measures of progress. 

The independent Rockschool syllabus may be offered at our discretion. The cost of external teaching material (such as Rockschool publications) and examination costs are not included in our fees. You are responsible for booking and paying for all costs related to external examinations.

We reserve the right to substitute tutors at our discretion and events beyond our control may result in students being taught in larger groups.


Our teaching staff are suitably qualified and hold DBS checks where appropriate.

Our staff are authorized to send disruptive children back to their regular class if their behaviour compromises the learning or safety of other children. In such situations we would not issue a refund for that lesson. 

Instruments are normally provided for use during lessons at no additional cost. We can bear no responsibility for any other instruments brought into school.

We may offer opportunities for our learners to take part in live events from time to time at no extra cost to you, however we are not obliged to do so. 

It may be necessary to record live events for staff training or marketing purposes, using video, still photography or audio equipment. Please make us aware if you wish your child to be excluded.